Quick Thought on Momentum…

Momentum: strength or force gained by motion or through the development of events. (Defined by Webster’s Dictionary)

Momentum… Have you ever thought about how momentum affects people and more specifically business? This thought crossed my mind on the long drive I encountered today. I had time to reflect on my thoughts and actions as of late. Achievements are nothing without building upon those achievements, to create a forward momentum.

I can create a website. I can study hard to ace an exam. I can start new organizations to help people in today’s often unclear times. But what really am I doing if I do not build upon each of those to create something better than that which came before it? My life would be a collage of random achievements with no synthesis or cohesion.

“Through the development of events”. These words of the definition cannot be underestimated or forgotten. If Einstein just thought of the idea for the light bulb and nothing further, he would have been an average guy with some brilliant thoughts. Everyone can have brilliant thoughts though. What made Einstein great however, was his uncanny ability to build upon his thoughts and create even better ideas. Every achievement was the foundation for his next.

Momentum is important in business and in life. Ask yourself how you can best yourself; how can you best your latest “achievement”? By always asking yourself that question you will be opening your mind to new dimensions, not stagnating in the present, but always looking to the future. Building momentum. Relish your achievements, but realize that your present achievement should only be a small step to accomplishing bigger and loftier achievements.

Realize that you cannot take 5 steps forward and just sit there thinking you have hit a plateau and expect things to continue moving forward. I’m sorry but it doesn’t work that way! You must practice maintaining your momentum, never settling for what you think is your best. If you are always creating momentum through your successes and even failures , your momentum will never have an end. It will always be gaining force and becoming stronger.

Barack Obama relished in his senatorial victory, but realized this will not be his highest achievement.  No, Obama used his achievement of becoming senator to propel himself into a greater role. He was creating momentum. Obama overcame enormous odds and I guarantee he is not done achieving; his momentum will bring him to even greater heights.

When you hit difficult waters don’t let your mind convince you to slow down. Keep your momentum or you will be at the mercy of the powerful seas. Stay focused and never lose your momentum. Keep moving forward.




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One Response to Quick Thought on Momentum…

  1. Richie Frost says:

    Very great article man. I often too think about momentum. I constantly try to build upon wahtever im doing to create something even better the next time around. I like it bro. Keep it up.

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